George Maijo Showroom

Typology: Commercial

Location: Goa

Built-up Area:

Status: completed: Completed

The Clients are dealers in all aspects related to marine transport and sports. For this maiden showroom in Goa, the location selected was Candolim – in the heart of the tourism beach belt of Goa. The design follows a minimalist approach in the exterior that translates further into clean and clear lines n the inside. The external branding was designed to emphasise the client company as a brand. No visual clutter was allowed through multiple branding llogos etc. This theme continued on the inside with the focus on the display items. The products were to be focal point.  The C-shaped layout of the showroom was an hindrance to opening up the entire showroom to a visitor. The mezzanine was so designed that its edge profile became a visual design cue that led a customer into the showroom. This project saw us go beyond design consideration for aesthetics into the realm of marketing and branding.