Nestle CAP

Typology: Residential

Location: Devgad

Built-up Area:

Status: completed: Completed

Nestle, the world’s largest food company has one of its state of the art productions factories in Usgao, Goa. We were approached for designing a space for their Chocolate Ambassador Programme. This space would be a knowledge source and platform for all its attendees, about everything that Nestle stands for. Critical to this was illustration of Nestles history, work culture and its branding as a chocolate company. With all the initial discussions being held in the factory conference hall with a ‘eat to your hearts content’ supply of chocolates, it was natural that the design was centered on chocolate. We can certainly vouch for the positive effects of chocolate on one’s creativity.  The colour, feel and actual design of the Nestle chocolates was replicated onto the main feature wall as one entered the reception area. With cleverly designed visual media representing various aspects of Nestle, the layout led every visitor on a journey of experiencing Nestle and chocolate.  Our mutual love for chocolate has again seen us partner Nestle in designing a Rain water harvesting system for Goa university under their CSR programme.