Total Recall

Typology: Commercial

Location: Goa

Built-up Area:

Status: completed: Completed

An electronics showroom in the prime commercial hub of Panaji city, this was to be the maiden venture of a partnership between individuals who wanted to create a new brand and a one stop shop for all electronic needs of the customer. Our design concept for the showroom centered around a clutter-free and clear design with emphasis on the products and the company brand. Distinct zones were created for mobiles, computers and accessories which were accentuated with visual graphics. The mezzanine area was relegated to the rear of the showroom to give a grand double height entrance space. The minimalist design was continued in the exterior façade with an entrance portal carrying the showroom brand. The journey from conceptualisation to final design was similar to that of the George Maijo showroom in Candolim where we had to convince the Client to depart from the usual tendency of commercial establishments to ‘fill up’ all visible space with branding and merchandise. Our concept of creating a unique brand identity though design was successfully implemented in the project.