Pillai Residence

Typology: Residential

Location: Devgad

Built-up Area:

Status: completed: Completed

This site is in close proximity to the Casa de Cocum project. While it shares the same view characteristics, the plot is unique with its ground level being almost 2-3 storey level below the road. A contoured land with rocky outcrops at many places, the land had been weathered and shaped by the elements to its present form. The story of why the Client selected us also underlines our distinctive approach towards site and context sensitive design. The Client had purchased this land for its inherent characteristics. – view of the river and the contoured nature. As the story goes, the client took his personal architect friend to the site who on seeing the levels and topography exclaimed that he needs to immediately get rid of the plot as it would be a nightmare to design and build on such a property. Fast forward a few months and the on-going work on Casa de Cocum convinced the Client that we are certainly capable of doing justice to the plot.. Resulting design was a majestic home enjoying the view from every living space propped up on stilts thus retaining the existing rocky boulders and terrain underneath. The space below has become a playgorund for the owners numerous pets which include dogs and reptiles. The house floats at the canopy level with minimum intervention on the rocky strata below.