Farmhouse, Devgad

Typology: Residential

Location: Devgad

Built-up Area:

Status: completed: Completed

The property is a large mango plantation in the harbour town of Devgad on the west coast of India. This place is very famous for its Alphonso variety of mango. Also known as a supply base for laterite stone used as a construction material. The client was desirous of a farmhouse within this mango plantation which while providing a sense of security also provided an avenue to interface with its surroundings. This was translated into a complete 360 degrees wraparound covered verandah. This is the interface of the house with the exteriors. The overall look and feel is dominated by the colour and texture of laterite stone and the local ‘Ain wood’ grounding the design into the local context. The structure was to be load bearing with timber floor as well as roof structure. Using local craftsmen, and traditional masonry and wood working techniques the house was constructed.